Yi Champions TaeKwonDo Academy has provided TaeKwonDo instruction in the Woodbridge area since 2000.  We offer the original TaeKwonDo instruction which is certified by WTF (World TaeKwonDo Federation) and Kukkiwon (The World TaeKwonDo Headquarters). We have excellent instructors that are committed to providing the best TaeKwonDo training for all students including competitive sparring, poomsae , self defense and weapons training.


TaeKwonDo Classes are designed for all ages from three years old to adults.  Throughout TaeKwonDo, all students will build confidence, develop discipline, learn respect, enhance self-esteem and strengthen one’s mind and body.  In addition, we are proud to have the World Champion and Gold Medalist as our Head Master, and she teaches all classes.


About YCTA



Taekwondo Classes:

3-4 yrs / 4-6 yrs / 7-12 yrs / Teens & Adults

Private Lessons:

Available by Appointment

Birthday Party:

Saturday by Appointment

Seasonal Camps:

Spring Camp in April

Summer Camp in June ~ August

Winter Camp in December

After School Program (2 Semester a year):

September to December

January to June

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